My Motorbike And I, How I Learn How To Ride My Motorbike

This is a story is about a young motocross rider learning how to ride and and how to race, if ya click the link it will take you to the first chapter of the book on YouTube, if you want to buy the full book it is on #amazon hope to have one made in New Zealand soon. please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE thank you,

World Record Attempt 2008

World Record Attempt

190ft from ramp to flat ground

One of my earliest memories of childhood was when I got a Evel Kinevel toy that came with a ute, trailer with two Evel Kinevel motorcycles on the trailer, I would be playing with them for hours.

This world record attempt was in 2008 in Naiper New Zealnd leaping over 24 vehicles on a Kawasaki kx 250. I am still riding/racing my motorcycle when ever I can and jumping over vehicles, doing demo’s around New Zealand,

Because I was racing at the same time I was training a lot which means a lot of ride time, i had a couple beauty crashes witch broke my steering lug/stop and creased the frame from the fork hitting the frame. the creases did not effect the bike in anyway so I carried on using that bike throughout the year and use it for this event that you see in this clip.

Hope you enjoy, apologies for the amature footage.

World record attempt

this was a little over a ten years now and still feels like it was yesterday, The video cip drags on a little and the editing is bit shaking on it but
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